Restaurant - La cucina mediterranea

Dear Customer,

Superior quality cuisine prepared and served by our young and highly motivated team - under the guidance of Paolo Boldini and with great attention to every detail.



We aim to serve top quality food freshly prepared with local ingredients if possible at reasonable prices. Our menu is Italian, whereas our daily menu can also be more international and Swiss.


Homemade delicious pizza with traditional ingredients, vegetarian, spicy or more fancy - try and let us know your Feedback!




i nostri dolci


All over the best regions - here again a lot of Italian influence.


Dining room - Restaurant - Bar - Terrasse

We have various possibilites to welcome our guests

Restaurant with Hans Potthof art       30 places

Dining room with Mosaik                      30 places

Terrasse at the Bundesplatz                 80 places

Due to the COVID-19 we currently have about 80 seating places avalaible. 




currently upon request 

 Tania and her Team also welcome you and your guests at im Hof  for events & more.